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CELGA-ILTEC is a University of Coimbra R&D unit (FCT UID: 4887) that results from a merger of two previously existing units: ILTEC and CELGA. It's main activities are research and linguistic resource creation.

MarDisT 4 (Discourse Markers in/and Translation)


Following the three previous Colloquiums, which gathered several experts in the area, this year we invited three keynote speakers (Jacqueline Visconti, Juan José Ortega and Maria Josep Cuenca). Once again, the aim is to stimulate discussion about the theoretical status of these items, while promoting empirical work on translation problems, linking fundamental research to translators’ practical issues. With the postgraduate students as a preferred target audience, the Colloquium also promotes the students’ contact with distinguished representatives in the area, fulfilling the formative concerns behind these Colloquia.

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