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CELGA-ILTEC is a University of Coimbra R&D unit (FCT UID: 4887) that results from a merger of two previously existing units: ILTEC and CELGA. It's main activities are research and linguistic resource creation.

eLex 2019: Smart Lexicography


CELGA-ILTEC, University of Coimbra is organizing the 6th conference on "Electronic lexicography in the 21st century (eLex)" from 01 to 03 October 2019 in Sintra, Portugal. The theme of this year’s conference is Smart Lexicography. Keynote speakers: * Margarita Correia - CELGA-ILTEC, University of Coimbra / University of Lisbon * Matt Kohl - GeoPhy. Matt Kohl is the winner of the Adam Kilgarriff Prize. * Alexander Geyken- Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the Humanities * David Baines - SIL International * Maciej Piasecki - Wroclaw University of Technology The workshop “Collocations in Lexicography: existing solutions and future challenges" will be held in conjuction with eLex 2019 in Sintra, Portugal, on 30 September 2019.No fee will be charged for attending the workshop. More information about the eLex 2019 conference can be found at: https://elex.link/elex2019/.

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